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Rich Van Heiden Benefit Thank you!!!

Rich Van Heiden Benefit Thank you!!!

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The Rich Van Heiden family would like to thank everyone who came to the Benefit Supper on November 5th, and also those who donated items for the auctions. And for the cards and prayers. The Benefit was a huge success. We also greatly appreciate all who helped pull this together. The first appointment with Beth Israel Deaconness in Boston is November 16th. Rich & Vicki

Update: Rich is now cancer free!! Thank you to all of you who said a prayer for him. The miracle happened. The doctors in Boston are attributing this to "Divine Intervention". God bless all of you. Vicki

Rich's Story:

In August, 2010 he was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Cancer was found in two places on the spine, right thigh bone, pelvic bone, several places on ribs, lymph nodes, and that it had all spread from one of his kidneys. They decided to do radiation on one spot on his spine (at the base of the neck) only since that was giving him real pain. They did that in September. None of the other places were treated. He did have a needle biopsy of the kidney to verify diagnosis. The cancer specialist did not feel any further treatment was warranted as it would just make him feel sick, was quite expensive, and would do no good. He said he had a few months. (Basically - go home and die.)

On October 1, I started him on a juice on the recommendation of a friend along with EPICOR from, both of which are supposed to support the immune system. (The only medication he had been on that was prescription: morphine in August and and part of September for the spine pain which he had stopped by October 1 due to the radiation having reduced the pain in the neck.) He lost 40 pounds.

The Cancer Center at Mason City, Iowa had told us that there was "no cure, no remission" with his type of cancer. I began researching it on the internet. I did not come up with a single person who had survived this diagnosis. But I did find one man who been in a trial for a "cancer vaccine" and had lived almost five years before he passed. I contacted Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, coordinated between Mason City and Boston and had all tests, xrays and MRIs and CAT scans sent out to them, and got him tentatively accepted into their trial since he had never had any chemotherapy or radiation with the exception of the radiation on his neck.

On November 4 we went back to Mason City for scan to take with him to Boston. When the doctor put it up to review the pictures, he was literally speechless. Each area of cancer was greatly reduced in size and one spot was gone completely! They called us the next morning. They said that the doctor had taken Rich's pictures to all the doctors in the Cancer Center, and that NO ONE got any sleep at all last night. They were calling him a "miracle".

November 5 was spent with Mason City conferring with Boston. It was agreed that there was enough cancer left to qualify for the trial, and we were to come. (He had been on the juice and EPICOR for five weeks by now.)

November 12 - Boston. Boston repeated all the diagnostics (I think they thought Mason City had screwed them up.) The world-renowned Dr Wagner who headed up the program and a few other doctors came into the exam room to talk with us. "We have bad news and we have good news. You no longer qualify for the trial. The good news is that there is not enough cancer left to qualify." This time the cancer in the lymph nodes (which was present on Nov 4) was gone. Most of the other were tiny. There was still cancer in the kidney so they scheduled removal of the kidney.

December 14 - kidney was removed. Pathology verified that the original diagnosis was correct.

December 26,27 - More scans

December 28 - Final doctor appointment in Boston. Dr Wagner: "You are now cancer free." We were stunned. But then he said, " We are attributing this to 'Divine Intervention'. But I am a scientist and I have to tell you that I believe this will be back within three months." We came home.

First week of April - we went back to Mason City to see if anything was redeveloping. No. Cancer Free. (He'd put about 25 lbs back on and wants to stay at this weight.) Asked us to come back in July.

He continues to take the juice every day - 2 ounces in morning and 2 ounces in afternoon. And will forever. EPICOR was discontinued in February.

An astounding number of prayers were sent up in his behalf from all over Iowa and several other states too. Was this God or the juice? We think that God directed us to the juice. It is expensive - $140 a month with shipping - BUT WORTH EVERY CENT IN OUR MINDS. (We became dealers for it so we could get it at wholesale, the cheapest way.) If you know of someone who wants to start it also, have them give me a call. We recommend at least two months supply (8 bottles) to start. 641-648-3793.

FYI: Just found out that the Food and Drug Administration is looking at the juice as a treatment for leukemia. It has just passed their initial testing. Also, we have a friend who works for Iowa State University who says ISU is just starting to study it to see exactly what is in it. (We think that it is a rainforest product that has never been utilized or studied before the juice started using it.)

This is a testimonial only for what we experienced using the juice. It is not medical evidence or advice.

Richard & Victoria Van Heiden